Class 12 session has already kicked off and it becomes very important to know which books to follow in order to score very good marks. Students have to study these books year in and year out so itis paramount to pick the best from the collection. Whatever argument one may put across, a high class 12 percentage is not only beneficial but also rewarding. Here we have brought books on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.


At first, a student must purchase the NCERT textbook and become determined to read it completely. On the basis of analysis, it has been found that a major chunk of CBSE paper finds its roots in NCERT. having read it the best book one can follow is “concepts of physics by HC Verma”.This book beggars all description and it is free of errors. while NCERT is good for understanding theory and getting base cleared, the latter one is excellent for problem practicing.


Chemistry is the most scoring out of the three subjects. As per the previous year analysis, the whole paper of chemistry comes from NCERT. Among the class 12 students, this book is not rated very highly because they find it very thin and easy. Surprisingly, questions in chemistry are directly lifted as it is from the middle of paragraphs without even changing any word. The biggest mistake of students is to underestimate this book and they shift their focus to other books.


Mathematics is one of the most feared subjects among class 12th students. Here also the NCERT books play a very crucial role but not as important as in chemistry. Here students need to have a supplementary textbook. So the best textbook they can follow is Mathematics in volume 1 and 2 by R.D. Sharma. It lays out a very strong foundation which is enough to score 100 marks in the board examination.-

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