Mathematics is one of the most feared subjects among students and gives student nightmares . Before the commencement of a new session, it becomes very important for the class 10 students to know what they have to study in order to score high. Scoring high marks become easy when students know what to study.

Experts at crackanyexam after a detailed analysis has come to the conclusion that the class 10 mathematics paper completly comes from NCERT textbooks .Rather than jumping from one book to other it is strictly advised to just stick to NCERT .Class 10 CBSE board toppers also confesses that NCERT play a huge role in building foundation and scoring high .

Toppers also advised the upcoming students to revise them 4 times having completed once. So to help the students we have provided the chapter wise solutions of all the chapters as prescribed in CBSE curriculum. Furthermore, it is advisable for the students to learn the method, tips, and tricks on how the questions are solved smartly.

Class 10 Mathematics NCERT Solution

Download the NCERT solutions for all chapters of class 10th Mathematics from the links given in the following table:

Chapter NameLink to Download
1. Real NumbersDownload
2. PolynomialsDownload
3. Pair of linear Equations in Two VariablesDownload
4. Quadratic EquationsDownload
5. Arithmetic ProgressionDownload
6. TrianglesDownload
7. Coordinate GeometryDownload
8. Introduction to TrigonometryDownload
9. Some Applications of TrigonometryDownload
10. CirclesDownload
11. ConstructionsDownload
12. Area Related to CirclesDownload
13. Surface Areas and VolumesDownload
14. StatisticsDownload
15. Chapter 15: ProbabilityDownload


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