Union Public Service Commission Civil Services is one of the toughest examinations across the country. Lakhs of candidates burn midnight oil but a few crack the hard nut. As time is running out for the prelims examination, it becomes of utmost importance to know the correct strategy. Even after studying for several hours, candidates fail to crack because they are unaware of the correct strategy and guidance. We have brought secrets of IAS topper rank -8 holder Vaishali Singh on how to crack this examination.

Importance of NCERT

“It is a common mistake to close NCERT during the time of CSE preparation “. NCERT is an indispensable part of preparation. They make the concepts crystal clear. And it becomes easier to answer descriptive questions in the exams. One has to read the ins and outs of NCERT in order to come up with flying colors.

How to prepare for CSAT?

“It mostly depends on the candidate on how sharp they are at aptitude”Those who are brilliant at Mathematics need not worry and they don’t need much practice. But in her view, students must solve 4-5 papers as it will only build their confidence. For those who are not good must take this paper seriously. To improve, they can refer to some good books, previous year question papers.

Mock tests are indispensable

Papers must be solved in an exam like conditions as far as possible. She said that for one month she solved one mock test paper daily. It helped in building her confidence.

Importance of Revision

It is quite normal to forget things having read so much before. If they don’t revise before the exam then their whole hard work shall go in vain. For instance, in geography, she used to daily look at the map of Atlas, in history she used to memorize the objective portion very well. Apart from these in all other subjects, she used to revise all material on Saturday and Sundays.

Strategy in the last 2 months

You cannot do very much in the last 2 months. All you need to do is to stop panicking . Students must focus on revising topics and most importantly , they must have belief in themselves.

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