English vocabulary is an integral part of many competitive examinations. Having a strong vocabulary paves the foundation for success in English dominated examinations. Here at crackanyexam, we have brought a series where we will provide 5 amazing words important from exam perspective. This session would include word meaning, synonyms, and usage.

1.Uncanny:strange or mysterious especially in an unsettling way

Synonyms:strange, bizzare, quirk, peculiar, odd, out of way, freakish, curious

Usage:Dogs are gifted to see the uncanny powers moving invisbly in our midst.

2.Ramifications :a complex consequence of an action

Synonyms :consequence, outcome, result, effect

Usage: Jason was aghasted when he knew the ramification of cheating was expulsion from school.

3.Tack: a way of dealing a situation

Synonym :way, path, method, procedure, aproach, direction, process

Usage: We will not change the tack of the problem whatever the ramifications may be.

4.Diktat:an order issued by someone without public opinion

Synonym :edict, directive, fiat

Usage:The company president issued diktat barring male employees from putting on jeans.

5.Tenuous:very weak

Synonym:flimsy, weak, fragile, nebulous, insubstansial

Usage: The uneducated made a tenuous remark on the importance of higher education.

The most important thing is to revise them as many times as possible. You can access them at any time just on crackanyexam.

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