Today we have come up with five new words which are favorites of examiners and are asked in competitive examinations every now or then. Students are required to memorize them many times so as to make strong vocabulary foundation.

1.Sabotage:a deliberate damage

Synonyms: destruction, disruption, damage, subversion, impairment

Usage: Consuming alcohol after work out will sabotage your efforts.

2.Row: a serious dispute

Synonyms: Contenation, altercation, quarelling, conflict, disagggrement, discord, strife, dissension

Usage :The current water row between two states should be settled by dialogue.

3.Pass muster: To be accepted as adequate or satisfactory

Synonym: Be good enough, come up to standard, come up to scratch, be adequate, be sufficient

Usage:I made a pretext but it didn’t pass muster to melt the heart of examiner.

4.Reparation: something done or paid in expiation of the wrong

Synonyms :compensation,Recompense, Repayment, Remuneration

Usage: Although monetary reparation will assist the suffers, yet it is wee bit for long term pain.

5.Revocable: capable of being revoked or cancelled

Synonym :Refutable, Repleable, Reversible, Revertible

The club is going to revoke pandya’s membership for making vitriolic remarks.

Try to apply the synonyms in your sentences. Remember you are not learning only 5 words. Your vocabulary counter will shoot up by 25-30 words because we are also providing their synonyms. Do post your comments on what can be done better to assist you.

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