The Central Board of Secondary Education has declared the CBSE Class 10th result on Monday at 3 pm. Trivandrum, Chennai and Ajmer are the creamy three regions with astonishing pass percentage of 99.85%, 99% and 95.89%, respectively.The All India topper is Bhavna N Sivadas who scored a astonishing 499/500 is fron Kerala. Here are some secrets the class 10th students can steal so as to score as high as Bhavna.

1.Focus more on self -study:Bhavna said that self -study is manifold important than tuitions. Students must understand that they are the one who have to attempt the examination and not the teacher. Bhavna used to study 5 hours with taking breaks of 15 minutes between two consecutive hours.

2.Stick to one book: Many times it is observed that students runs from one book to other after completing the first one. Bhavna said that one book keeps the study material crisp and makes one understand things clearly.

3.Focus more on Revision: Revision is the most neglected part of the preparation of any exam. Students must revise things as many times as possible so as to gain a strong confidence.

The students also must focus on previous year question papers so that they adapt themselves to the situations of the examination and understand important topics to focus on.

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