The Registration and choice filling for admission into IITs ,IIITs ,GFTIs and NITs is ongoing.The bussiness rule has been given out for 2019 by IIT Roorke.

What is FREEZE?At the time of counselling it is asked whether you are satisfied with your college and branch.If it is so then FREEZE .By doing so,the seat is confirmed and you will have that branch in that college for sure.

What is FLOAT? If you are not satisfied with your branch and college then you may get a seat of higher preference.In case you don’t get then your particular seat is confirmed.

What is SLIDE? If you are happy with the college but want a better branch in the same college then the applicant can apply for SLIDE option.

The three options will be given by you in the form of undertaking. The undertaking has to be downloaded from the website of jossa.

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