Whether to drop one year or not is one of the puzzle that troubles jee aspirants the most. As a matter of fact dropping one year improves the performance only by 30-40%.

Aspirants should drop one year in case they find that they will be able to maintain the level of motivation year in and year out

Usually the motivation to crack IIT JEE goes off air when students find it hard to maintain consistently. Dropping should be a personal decision because it is you who is going to study and attempt the exam.

Will I be able to crack IIT JEE if I drop one year? If hard work mingled with super smart work in a right direction can produce miraculous result. One must know the right way to study topics. What should be studied and what has to be skipped should be known clearly.

Should I focus on quality or quantity?

Most of the top rankers in JEE always advice to focus on quality of study material rather than quantity. Whatever you do ,do it with utmost perfection even though it is done less quantitatively.

Should I join coaching or self study?The condition of coaching for droppers is extremely poor .In most of the cases ,it is advisable to focus more on self study so that you can produce desired results.

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