This chapter is all about life in villages where child marriage is still a common practice. It is an interesting story of how a person manipulates to get a young boy married to an eleven-year-old-girl. It revolves around a boy namely Ranga, an accountant’s son, who returns back from Bangalore after six months, having completed his higher studies. A huge crowd of people gathers around his home to see whether there is any changes occurred in him or not and to see how fluently he speaks in English. People even start touching him to make sure that he is not changed. When the narrator meets him and asks about his viw of marriage. To his surprise, Ranga has different view about marriages. According to him, one should get married to a girl who is mature enough to understand the things and couple should look good together.

The narrator resolves that he will try his level best to get Ranga married. For that, he purposefully introduces Ratna, Rama Rao’s niece, an-eleven-year-old girl who is well-versed in singing and playing musical instruments to Ratna. When Ranga sees her, he falls in love and starts enquiring about the girl. The narrator, Shyama, deliberately says that she is married to make Ranga realize and feel the importance of marriage and to change his view about marriage.

Having known that Ratna is married, Ranga feels depressed and does not talk to others for few days. Then, the narrator takes him to Shashtri ji, who is already foretold everything by the narrator about the girl Ranga  loves and the things which Shastri ji has to tell Ranga in order to impress him & to win his confidence. When they meet Shastri, the priest tells him that he seems to have fallen in love with a girl namely Ratna. Ranga gets shocked when he hears all about that but regrets as Ratna is already married.

But the narrator soon tells Ranga that he was unaware of the fact that Ratna is unmarried and soon they get married irrespective of their age. Now they have a son who is named after the narrator (Shyama) and they are expecting their second baby. In this way, the narrator gets both of them married.

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