Score 75 marks in JEE PHYSICS IN 20 DAYS

Score 99.9+ percentile IN PHYSICS JEE MAINS in just 20 days. Best strategy made by IITIANS from IIT DELHI.


Class 12

Score 75 marks in JEE PHYSICS IN 20 DAYS

Nitin Goswami

Sun Jan 31 2021・3 min read

DISCLAIMER: I have prepared this strategy after consulting IITIANS from IIT DELHI + Using my own analysis and knowledge

Most readers would be thinking that it is impossible to score 75 marks out of 100 in the 20 days left. After you have read this, your perception will change forever.

We all have heard about the 80-20 rule. According to this rule, 80% of the syllabus can be covered 20% of the time, and 20% syllabus will consume 80% of the time. We have only 20 days left so it is imperative to chalk out the best strategy in the most brilliant manner.

The first thought that would hinder your mind is," What about those people who are preparing for 1 year and more?". The question is correct and obvious to crop up.

The 90% of people who have been preparing for 1 year or more don’t study according to the Exam structure. They waste most of the time reading unimportant topics.

I have deeply analyzed the previous year’s questions of all the shifts and came to the conclusion that Students think that they will cover Electrostatics, Electromagnetic Induction, Mechanics, Simple Harmonic Motion but these are very big chapters and they should not be covered deeply if you have less time.

The goal of a JEE MAINS aspirant is to maximize his marks. It doesn’t matter if you are scoring by studying MECHANICS or by solving a halwa question of LOGIC GATES.

“LEGEND is not that person who scores by doing Ph.D., LEGEND is that person who utilizes his knowledge to perfection”.We will directly hit the bull’s eye and will focus only on golden murgis. These murgis will fetch me the golden egg.
Every chapter is like GOLD.

Your JEE PHYSICS paper is divided into two parts, class 12 and class 11th. Class 12th weightage is 60-65% while class 11th weightage is 35-40%. Around 50% of the total questions are easy while 30 % of the questions are medium. So our target is to get these questions right.

We have decided to give 12 days to class 12th syllabus.


The planner we will follow is this one. We complete the class 12th content in 6 days since we are following the above planner.

Now we are left with 6 days, in these 6 days, we will do previous year JEE MAINS questions of these topics diligently and see the mistakes and where we are getting stuck.

Now 12 days completed.

Day 2 Image

We are left with 5 days. We give 3 days to class 11th as we are covering only the easy and most scoring topics.
Now we will focus on the previous year’s question paper in the next 2 days.

17 days completed!

Now we are left with 3 days we will focus on the ultimate revision strategy. Revising multiple times is the key. The revision will take us to the next level. Revision is the nerve of 90% of exams.

If you followed this strategy diligently, it will do wonders and give you exceptional results.