Top Study Secret Of Toppers

I scored 100 marks in Physics Class 12. This is best strategy ever by IITIAN. Study my 50 page notes and you are guarantiitd to destroy boards .


Class 12

Top Study Secret Of Toppers

Nitin Goswami

Tue Jan 26 2021・4 min read

There are always some brilliant and intelligent students in our class who are the teacher’s favorite, teacher asks them what was done in the previous class, the teacher asks them to monitor the class in his absence.

They understand things very quickly whenever someone explains, whether it is numerical, conceptual questions, memory-based questions.

99% of classmates and 100% of school teachers think that it is because of the sheer intelligence of that student, that he can perform very well in the class. BUT THEY ARE WRONG!.

The actual and crystal clear reason is that the people who are performing exceptional, academically, follow certain rules which we neglect.

What I have observed during my school and at IIT, is that suppose Maria( topper girl) and Rohit (average student), but there is no difference at intelligence level, study the same thing for the same amount of hours but they score marks differently. Why?

Maria compressed the content that she was studying while Rohit just glanced through the study material
Maria highlighted important points and made notes of them but Rohit didn’t do either of them.
What happened due to this?

Let me ask you a question, tell me what you did the whole day yesterday, some of you may recall, now if I ask you what you did 2 days before, 99% would fail.

Don’t think that you have a weak memory and you need to eat almonds. But rather it is the behavior of the brain that our brain forgets more than 70 % of things within 24 hours.

Rohit and Maria will forget 70 % of things within 24 hours, but Maria has made excellent notes and reduced the material she has to study. But Rohit would have to go through the bulky material again.

What happens on the day before the exam?

Maria has crisp and to-the-point notes of the syllabus and in the 10 hours, she can easily revise the notes 10 times. It would generate a photogenic impression on her brain and she won’t lose marks just she didn’t remember.

On the other hand, Rohit will be entangled in studying the syllabus again and effective revisions will be less.

Result: Maria scored more marks than Rohit!

You can see the importance of making notes and revisions. 90% of the competitive exams are basically NOTES+ REVISION multiple times. Boards are 100% based on Notes + REVISION. You don’t need to be super intelligent.

Believe me, I scored 97% in class 12th without any offline and online tuitions just using the NOTES+ REVISION strategy

Don’t follow NCERT, Follow 3 books!

( Meme about NCERT)

99% of people who are preparing for Boards, JEE MAINS think that NCERTs are low-level books. They are very thin and don’t contain appropriate material. They refer to multiple books available in the market.
There was a girl in my class 12th. She was fairly intelligent like me. She was following NCERT+ 2 Reference books. She scored 85/ 100 in Physics while I scored 100/ 100 in class 12th by just doing NCERT+ Previous Year Question Papers.


There are 2 kinds of students. One who scores by doing P.H.D. second who scores by SMART WORK and DEEP ANALYSIS. GUARANTEED, a Smart work person will score more. You don’t need to study multiple books. Keep your sources limited,
“ Reading 1 book 10 times is better than, reading 10 books 1 time”.

You will get less time for other subjects even if you score 100 marks in one subject.

HOW TO STUDY NCERT for class 12th:

Rohit: I want to study the chapter Electromagnetic Induction, now I will just start studying it from start to bottom.

I said: the wrong strategy.
Go to the first page of NCERT, look at the table of contents, and see what topics you will be studying in the chapter.